TMP Status Updates

A new feature which allows you to mark the status of your TMPs as installed or removed was added recently.

We are calling the new feature ‘Status Updates’ and it aims to provide more accurate information on current and imminent works within the TTM system. We will be able to … Read more

Rolling Road Closures

A Rolling Road Closure is a closure that moves between point A and point B where any detour route stays unchanged throughout the entire road closure. The STMS has the ability to change the location of this road closure as it moves from point A to point B. Note the … Read more

Staged Road Closures

A Staged Road Closure is when one or more linked road closures are submitted on a single plan and remain in position until the nominated finish date is reached, at which time the closure is removed. Each closure has its own detour, and these detours are linked to, and may … Read more