New Dashboards, Subscribe to TMPs and Revision Reasons

The new dashboard is aimed at helping STMS’s and people submitting TMPs to better visualise the status of their TMPs and spot recent activity on TMP’s across their organisation.

You will now be able to clearly see the status of your “pending” TMPs and revisions as:

  • Draft
  • Waiting for Engineer
  • Waiting for RCA
  • Declined

Within Accepted TMPs you will be able to identify which ones are:

  • Pending Installation
  • Installed
  • Uninstalled

In addition we’ve added some other helpful filters showing you:

  • TMPs requiring attention
  • TMPs being Installed in the next week
  • TMPs finishing in the next week
  • Closures starting in the next wee
  • Closures ending in the next week


Subscribe to plans

subscribeIf you want to receive an email whenever someone makes a change to a TMP you are interested in then simply “subscribe” to that TMP and we will alert you when:

  • A new revision is accepted
  • A plan is closed
  • A plan is re-opened
  • A TMP is installed
  • A TMP is uninstalled
  • Planned installation date changes
  • Planned un-installation date changes

Use the map to find TMPs you are interested in and click the “Subscribe” link to subscribe. You can subscribe to anyone’s TMP, even if they are from another organisation.


Revision reasons

Now when you create a revision we ask you for a reason for that revision. This is going to help the RCAs better understand why plans are being revised.