TMP Status Updates

A new feature which allows you to mark the status of your TMPs as installed or removed was added recently.

We are calling the new feature ‘Status Updates’ and it aims to provide more accurate information on current and imminent works within the TTM system. We will be able to inform the public and other stakeholders when works are actually happening, as opposed to when works are allowed to happen – which is all that customers currently see.

In addition to marking TMPs as installed or removed you can also update the planned installation and removal dates, provided they still fall within the accepted roadspace booking. This allows you to inform stakeholders of any minor changes to your schedule within the accepted dates.

e.g. If work is finishing two days ahead of schedule, update the planned removal date to reflect that. If bad weather means you are unable to start on schedule, provide the new planned installation date. If work is pausing for a period you can also remove a TMP and then install it again later.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 10.13.57 pm




Using the status updates feature is strongly encouraged, and particularly when you are working on a Strategic or Level 2 road. Please make use of it to provide stakeholders with the most accurate information that you can.

In a few weeks we plan to introduce a new STMS dashboard which will give you a better view of your TMPs and their status. This will build upon this ‘Status Update’ feature.