Simple extensions to TMPs

To extend an accepted TMP that is still current, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the TMP extension form from the downloads page  and fill out the required information.
  2. Click on the TMP you wish to extend in TMP for chch and update TMP online application as required.
  3. If the only change is a date change click through the TMP and upload the TMP extension form.
  4. If the TMP road space area has decreased or diagrams removed –  Upload updated plan as well as extension application form
When updating the TMP; worksite polygon needs to be adjusted relevant to the area being worked in and diagrams not required are to be removed . If the  road space allocation needs to be increased or diagrams added; a full TMP revison is required.
Situations where an extension maybe granted include, but are not limited to :
  • A need for date extension or date change
  • Addition of STMS’s or Traffic Management personnel 
  • Extension of Work Hours
  • Addition of simple diagrams
NB: complex diagram addition will require a full TMP revison