Footpath Closures on CCC network

Where a road has a daily vehicle count of 5000 vehicles per day or less,
the footpath may be closed if the following criteria are met:

  • There is a suitable alternative footpath ….
  • Adequate clear sight distance is available for ……
  • Pedestrian ramps have been installed, if required.
  • Crossing points are clearly defined using appropriate signage.
  • The STMS has carried out an on-site risk assessment to ensure the location is appropriate.  Identified users of the crossing point should be included in the risk assessment.  Particular attention is required when the crossing is used by vulnerable users eg near a primary school or other educational facility,  facilities frequented by the elderley or infirm, doctors/medical centres etc.

A footpath closure cannot replace a dedicated school crossing point or a pedestrian crossing.  In these cases, a Site Specific TMP is required.