Cycle Lanes, Bus stops / Bus routes and Pedestrians

Cycleways and dedicated Cycle lanes

We wish to remind all providers of there responsibility under CoPTTM of the obligation to provide safe egress through worksites for ALL road users and pedestrians.

• All work that effects a cycle lane or cycle way must have a TMP that reflects the site conditions and how cyclists will be managed.

• When a dedicated cycle lane is provided then provision must be provided for that cycle lane to be maintained or the risk mitigated for cyclists.

• If work occurs within a cycle lane and the cycle lane closed, when the cycle lane is reopened it must be able to be used fully by cyclist and in a safe state. I.e. flat level and no drop downs or holes.

Bus stops

Where work encroaches on any bus stop your TMP must show the location of the alternative stop you are providing and how you are directing the public to alternative stops. Environment Canterbury MUST be advised of any changes made to bus stops.

Bus routes

Any work that detours a bus route where bus stops have to be closed, effected bus stops must have notification of pending closure at least 1 full business day prior to closure happening,  Environment Canterbury must be informed of  the detour and which stops are being closed. All detours must be approved by the relevant  Traffic Management Coordinator for the network effected.


Where work encroaches on pedestrian thoroughfares safe access must be maintained or appropriate measures put in place to protect pedestrians, including wheelchairs.