Christmas Restrictions Period

The pre-Christmas shopping period is a critical time for retailers and shopping centres, and it is a priority to provide safe and efficient access for shoppers to these areas wherever practicable. We therefore aim to minimise disruption to people accessing and parking around retail areas during the three weeks prior … Read more

Cup and Show Week restrictions 2017

Cup and Show Week is expected to place significant transport pressure on some Strategic Route and Retail / Venue areas within Christchurch between Sat 11th and Sun 19th November. We are therefore aiming to minimise disruption on connecting Strategic Routes, and to maximise access to and parking around Retail and … Read more

Change to CTOC Boundaries and Road Level changes

Please be aware that CTOC boundaries for Traffic Management Operations have changed and the Road levels outside of Christchurch City boundaries have changed.

To align with the areas that other CTOC teams already operate and manage, the CTOC TTM team now have a changed area of network to manage within … Read more